Servicing and Repair for Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini.
At Migliore we are aware that providing the best service requires dedication and passion for the vehicles we work on.

Servicing - By concentrating on what we know, staying small and keeping overheads low, Migliore Cars is able to offer our customers a very competitive hourly rate. This means that our service prices and any other related work you require will be a lot less painful ! We fully appreciate that most owners run their cars to a budget, our aim at Migliore Cars is to help you achieve that budget, without compromising quality.

Engine and Gearbox rebuilding - Without doubt this is one of our main areas of expertise. Whether it be a straight forward synchromesh change on a 360 gearbox, replacement of your 355 valve guides or a full concourse engine rebuild we are able to accommodate you requirements.

Ferrari and Maserati SD2 - Having invested in both Ferrari and Maserati SD2 diagnostic equipment, we are able to diagnose faults on Ferrari models up to and including F430, and Maserati 3200 and 4200 (including early pre OBD2 3200).

Vehicle Inspections - Being one of the only independent specialists to concentrate solely on maintenance and repairs, without the compromise of a sales department, we are able to offer you a truly independent and unbiased assement of your current vehicle or potential purchase. Our vehicle appraisals can be carried out at our fully equipped workshop or at the location where the vehicle is being sold. We can arrange to meet you there, or we can fully inspect the car on your behalf and send you instant pictures and report any potential problems without you having to leave your desktop. Please contact us for details and prices.

Our Prices

Although like many independent specialists we offer a menu price, here at Migliore Cars we try to be as flexible as possible, by tailoring your service requirements to your budget and offering realistic assessments of your vehicles condition, we can help you make supercar ownership a lot more achievable.

All prices subject to VAT at 17.5%

Please contact us for our very competitive clutch replacement prices, on all Ferrari and Maserati models.

360 & 3200
Mondial T
6250 Miles
18750 Miles
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"...I got tired of being fleeced by main dealers, so I decided to try Migliore and I have yet to be disappointed. Great service and a fair price !"
Steve Williams,Telford
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